Barcelona-based mini-major Filmax Entertainment is teaming again with Spanish horror helmer  Jaume Balaguero (“Darkness,” “Fragile,” REC”), on English-language horror thriller “Flatmate.”

“Flamate’s”  budget will be around E12 million ($16 million), roughly the same bracket level as Filmax-Balaguero projects “Fragile” and “Darkness.” Pic will be set in New York and is skedded to shoot later this year with an international cast, Filmax announced Tuesday at Cannes.

Alberto Marini, who co-write Balaguero’s dark-humored 2006 horror TV movie “To Let,” scripted.

Balaguero broke through in the U.S. with “Darkness,” which, released by Miramax,  grossed $22.2 million Stateside.

His most recent film,  2007’s zombie fest “REC,” which he co-directed with Paco Plaza, grossed more than $11 million in Spain and was sold worldwide. A “REC” U.S. remake, “Quarantine,” was produced last year by Screen Gems.

Balaguero is currently in post-production on “REC 2,” skedded for release this fall, which is being sold by Filmax at Cannes. Filmax’s flagship frightfare director, Balaguero’s relationship with Filmax dates back to thriller “The Nameless,” which was the shingles’s first horror hit.