PARIS — France’s Court of Appeal has fined Luc Besson’s shingle EuropaCorp Euros 100,000 ($140,607) for involuntary manslaughter of a cameraman.

Alain Dutartre, 41, died in 1999 during the lensing of a car chase scene for “Taxi 2.”

At the original trial in September 2007, chief stuntman Remy Julienne was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter. Leeloo Productions, which has since become EuropaCorp, was not prosecuted.

Julienne was given an 18-month suspended sentence and fined $18,279.

But Dutartre’s parents appealed the decision, claiming Besson’s company should share responsibility for the death of their son. The Court of Appeal agreed.

It found that “Representatives of the company tried to reduce costs, which led them to refuse the budget proposed by Remy Julienne to carry out preliminary tests to prepare for the car chase scenes.”

The Court of Appeal lightened Dutartre’s sentence to six months suspended and a fine of $2,812. But he was ordered to pay $85,000 for the court costs of the family.