Director Lou Ye to adapt ‘Beach’

Project based on writer Liu Jie Falan's work

Controversial Chinese helmer Lou Ye is tackling sex yet again in his new project, albeit with a Gallic flavor.

The director is adapting Chinese writer Liu Jie Falan’s “The Beach,” about a Chinese women living in Paris.

The $5 million project, a co-production between Lou’s Dream Factory and French producer Kristina Larsen’s Les Films du Lendemain, will likely start lensing in spring 2010.

“It is about sex but I will be dealing with the subject in a different way than I have in my other films,” Lou told Variety.

The filmmaker has repeatedly provoked the ire of the Chinese authorities for his often explicit pics.

“Suzhou River” earned Lou a two-year ban from making films in China in 2000. The helmer was hit with a five-year ban after he bowed “Summer Palace” at Cannes in 2006 without obtaining official approval. Latter pic’s plentiful nudity and backdrop of the 1989 Tianenmen Square protests proved particularly troublesome to Chinese film officials.

Lou’s latest pic, “Spring Fever,” which is in competish at Cannes, features graphic scenes of both gay and straight sex.

The director, who lensed openly in China without official permission, bypassed his ban by setting the pic as a Hong Kong-French co-production.

Lou will shoot “The Beach” on location in Paris, thereby leaving him free from the dictates of Chinese authorities.