Diaz brings laid back style to cinema

California ease apparent on red carpet, on screen

If a smiling, effervescent Cameron Diaz walked into any bar, the guys would say to themselves, “That’s a girl who really knows how to have fun. I’ll try to buy her a couple of beers.”

“Cameron is the girl you want to have at the party,” says celebrity stylist Phillip Bloch. “She’s fun for guys. And she’s not threatening for women. She’s got a fraternity-brother sense of humor. She’s like the George Clooney of girls. People just want to be around her.”

Torn jeans, tank tops, stilettos and bikinis — throw on a newsboy cap, a scarf and you’ve got the Diaz signature look. The star’s laissez-faire, easygoing personality is reflected in her classic California Girl style.

With her ease and natural sex appeal, she has a look that’s independent, versatile and unpredictable. “She always brings something to her style, which is just a little mischievous,” Bloch adds. “Maybe it’s the Latina in her that makes her just a little extra spicy, a bit more caliente than all the other girls.”

“I love her distinctive look,” says fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi. “She’s the right balance between a tomboy and a Barbie doll. You’d never know that she’s 37. She’s sort of ageless.”

Mizrahi occasionally runs into his sexy neighbor on the streets of New York.

“I see her in jeans and a hat,” he points out. “She dresses with a bit of irony. I do think she has a dark side to her that really works in terms of styling. You see her with little caps that are kind of menacing, and her hair is spiky and sometimes the shoe is off a little bit. I like that. She’s really good at that.”

This past June, Diaz hit the fashion big time when she appeared on the cover of Vogue. Almost unrecognizable in the gear, the star wore not her customary look but Vogue’s haute casual: crisp white shirt, smart tailored pants and demure smile. You can almost hear editrix Anna Wintour shouting, “Ditch the torn jeans!”

On the other side of the newsstand fashion spectrum is Marie Claire, where the cover m.o. is always a fashion tell-it-like-it-is. No overhauls here as Diaz, on the July cover, appears almost biker-chick chic in jeans, denim shirt, chain necklaces and that Diaz come-hither look.

“Vogue has done her as if she’s sort of hosting an equestrian party in the Hamptons,” sniffs Marie Claire editor Joanna Coles. “On our cover, she looks more authentic to the real Cameron.”

Coles applauds Diaz’s very natural sex appeal. “It’s a sort of ‘comfortable in your own skin’ as opposed to ‘my boobs are cantilevered and on display in this dress.’ You would never have seen Cameron in that green Versace that Jennifer Lopez wore to the 2000 Grammys. Cameron has a strong sense of what will or will not work on her body because she has worked as an Elite model.”

When it comes to makeup, Diaz sports a typical hot-girl-next-door look — a look that transcends age. “She can pull off a shimmering eye and a bright lip,” says celeb makeup artist Johny Saade. “Her makeup is natural, clean earth tones. In the evening, she’ll do a black smudgy eyeliner, maybe brighten up her lip. Her hair is usually wavy, and it has that sun-kissed color. She doesn’t want too much makeup. Not her style.”

Diaz is no fashionista. No Nicole Kidman. But when it comes to the red carpet, she puts her trust in the fashion big guns: Valentino, Ungaro, John Galliano, Chanel. The actress is known to spend thousands of dollars on the glamour squad to look effortlessly beautiful.

“One of my favorite dresses was that gorgeous layered Valentino that she wore to the Golden Globes in 2007,” says Bloch.

But the star has had her share of those what-was-she-thinking moments. Take Oscar 2002, the year that she wore the floral Ungaro wrap dress. “It was so fabulous and French, and then she put on some beaded belt that she had made herself,” Bloch says, cringing. “Not one of her best fashion moments. It was kind of like, What is she doing here?”

Diaz is the mischievous Barbie who has an easygoing attitude that comes together in her fashion choices. With her vibrant personality, she can throw on some things that are very simple and walk out the door looking caliente.