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It’s Comic-Con week, which means that Hollywood is ready to unleash a slew of comicbook adaptation deals.

“Watchmen” producer Lloyd Levin has acquired screen rights to “Echo,” a comicbook series by Terry Moore. Deal was six figures. 

“Echo” tells the story of a photographer who is preoccupied with her personal problems until she gets doused by liquid metal from a military experiment gone awry. She discovers she can now harness the power of a nuclear bomb, and soon the military wants its walking weapon.

Levin also produced the “Hellboy” films, both with Larry Gordon. Levin is also a producer on the upcoming Paul Greengrass-directed Universal drama “Green Zone.”

Moore’s comicbook credits include the “Strangers in Paradise” series.

Comicbooks have never been hotter in Hollywood, especially after “The Dark Knight” dominated last year’s box office and Marvel has successfully set up its film division to launch its superheroes on the bigscreen, such as “Iron Man.”

But studios aren’t just interested in caped crusaders.

“Echo,” well, echoes more recent deals where studios are becoming more interested in non-superhero fare.

Chalk that up to successful graphic-novel adaptations like “A History of Violence,” “Road to Perdition” and more recent hits like last year’s actioner “Wanted.”

Dark Horse Comics has especially prided itself on setting up its non-superhero properties at Universal Pictures in an overall production deal (Daily Variety, March 14, 2008).