Twenty years after making “Dangerous Liaisons,” director Stephen Frears, scribe Christopher Hampton and thesp Michelle Pfeiffer reunited for “Cheri.”

“What surprised me was that Stephen wanted to do the project,” Hampton said after Tuesday’s premiere screening at the DGA Theater. “We were having lunch one day, and he said, ‘Why haven’t you shown me the (“Cheri”) script?’ I told him, ‘It’s not your kind of thing.’ ”

But after reading Hampton’s screenplay, an adaptation of the 1920s novel by French author Colette about the lingering effects of a romance between a middle-aged woman and a wealthy young man, Frears wanted in.

So did Pfeiffer, who, according to Hampton, “embraced” the role of the older woman.

“The person we had to fight with was the cameraman because he couldn’t get his head around the fact that he wasn’t supposed to make (Michelle) look as beautiful as possible,” scribe said at the Hudson Hotel after-party. “We kept telling him to read the script!”