MADRID — Danish auteur Henning Carlsen has linked up with Mexico’s Memorias del Sabio Producciones for a big-screen adaptation of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s short novel “Memoria de mis putas tristes.”

The film project, which was presented at Madrid’s Spanish Film Screenings Monday night, will carry the same title as the novel.

Just turned 82, Carlsen will direct in Spanish from a screenplay that he’s penned with France’s Jean Claude Carriere, who first attracted attention co-writing six of the later films of Luis Bunuel, as well as Volker Schlondorff’s “The Tin Drum,” Milos Forman’s “Valmont” and Wayne Wang’s “Chinese Box.”

Breaking through to fame in the 60s, like Carriere and indeed Garcia Marquez, Carlsen made his name with social realist pic “Hunger,” which competed at Cannes in 1966. He directed Donald Sutherland in “Wolf at the Door” in 1986.

Based out of Mexico, Memorias del Sabio Producciones, is arranging a Mexican shoot for later this year in the states of Puebla, Campeche and Mexico D.F.

Taking producer credits are Raquel Guajardo, Leonardo Villareal, Nina Crone and Carlsen himself. Spain’s Manuel Yebra and David Castellanos, based out of Madrid’s Cinema Republic, figure as associate producers.

Ricardo del Rio, who worked as Mexican unit supervisor on “Kill Bill: Vol 2” and “The Hunting Party,” will exec produce and co-direct, given Carlsen’s age.

The filmmakers aim to structure “Memoria” as a Mexican-Danish co-production, said Guajardo, whose exec produced “The Black Pimpernel” toplining Michael Nyqvist, Lumi Cavazos, Kate del Castillo and Lisa Werlinder.

Project was originated by Carlsen, who optioned the novel and brought in Carriere and Crone and then Guajardo.

Published in 2004, and Garcia Marquez’s latest novel to date, “Memoria” turns on a journalist who decides to celebrate his 90th birthday buying the services of a young prostitute, with whom he falls in love, for the first time in his life.

Memorias del Sabio is headed by Guajardo and Aldabe.

Cast will be Mexican and Spanish, Guajardo said.