Adrien Brody, Forest Whitaker, Elijah Wood and Cam Gigandet will star in “The Experiment,” a remake of the German psychological thriller “Das Experiment” for Inferno Entertainment and Magnet Media Group.

Marty Adelstein, Inferno’s Bill Johnson and Magnet Media’s Jeanette Buerling and Maggie Monteith will produce. Magnet and Inferno are co-financing and Inferno’s handling international sales.

“Prison Break” creator Paul Scheuring is directing from his screenplay. Filming begins in Iowa next month.

“Das Experiment,” directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel, centered on a group of ordinary men recruited to take on the roles of guards and prisoners as part of a research study and examined how the effects of assigned roles, power and control affected the participants. Brody will portray the de facto leader of the prisoners while Whitaker will play a guard who’s corrupted by the power he’s given.

Inferno’s Jim Seibel and Tracee Stanley and Magnet’s John Michaels are exec producing along with Scott Nemes and Dawn Parouse.

Brody’s recent credits include “Cadillac Records” and “The Brothers Bloom.”

Whitaker stars in the upcoming “Where the Wild Things Are,” “Repossession Mambo” and “My Own Love Song.” He’s also set to star in, direct and co-write the Louis Armstrong biopic “What a Wonderful World.”

Inferno produced and financed “The Women” and “Hachiko: A Dog’s Story,” which is set for an October release. It’s also prepping actioner “The Killer Elite.”

Magnet launched its equity film finance fund a year ago and entered into a co-financing and co-production deal with Inferno to co-fund $250 million for thriller, action and comedy films in the $10 million-$60 million budget range. It recently financed “13,” sold by Paramount Vantage; it also recently executed a first option to finance the musical “Cleo.”