Energetic Brazilian film export board Cinema do Brasil will launch a $150,000 fund aimed at addressing a key challenge for indie film distributors: the ever-rising costs of prints and advertising on releases.

Kicking in April, the coin will co-fund P&A on the releases of 10 Brazilian films in foreign territories, at $15,000 per movie, Cinema do Brasil director general Andre Sturm announced Monday at the European Film Market.

Move is a Cinema do Brasil initiative, supported by Brazilian trade agency Apex.

Distributors drawing tapping the money will be expected to at least meet Cinema do Brasil coin through their own contribution to P&A.

“The support system’s aimed at aiding sales agents’ sales on Brazilian films,” said Sturm. Distributors can apply from any country in the world.

Full regs on the distribution aid will be known by early March, he said.

Cinema do Brasil will also organize at least two Brazilian Film showcases abroad in 2009.