Producer-sales agent Philippe Bober will produce and sell new films by Austria’s Ulrich Seidl and Hungary’s Kornel Mundruczo.

Bober has two films with Seidl: fiction feature “Paradise” and docu “In the Basement.”

With Mundruczo, Bober is co-producing “The Frankenstein Project.”

“Paradise,” produced by Ulrich Seidl Film Produktionand Bober’s Parisienne de Production, is the biggest movie to date between Seidl and Bober, who produced Seidl’s “Dog Days” and “Import Export.”

A caustic look at love, sex tourism, religion and cultural divides, “Paradise” follows three stories that happen at the same time, but are told consecutively.

The Coproduction Office will sell international rights.

Mundruczo’s “Frankenstein” is a black tale of a boy who returns to his family after a stay in an institution, tries to win his family’s love but ends up murdering them.

“Frankenstein” is produced by Proton Cinema and Berlin’s Essential Filmproduktion, which Bober set up in 1997. Coproduction will handle international sales. Principal cast is Rudolf Frecska, Lili Monori, Kitty Csikos, Janos Derzil and Mundruczo.

With sales offices in Paris, Berlin and Copenhagen, and production operations Parisienne, Essential and Cologne’s Thermidor, Bober works with a small bevy of auteurs including Jessica Haussner, whose “Lourdes” is now in post-production.