Incentivewise, Oz is still tubthumping its generous Producer Offset that provides a rebate of 40% of feature expenditure and 20% for all other formats. To qualify, a film must be an official co-production certified by Screen Australia or pass a Significant Australian Content (SAC) test. For productions that do not pass the nationality test, there is the Location Offset, which offers a 15% rebate. The production must have a total expenditure of at least A$15 million ($13 million). Down Under’s f/x skills continue to draw big productions, with Rising Sun Pictures securing work on both parts of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.” Post-production is eligible for the Post Digital and Visual Effects Production Offset (PDV). This is a 15% rebate on qualifying PDV expenditure of A$5 million ($4.5 million). The production does not need to have been filmed in Australia to qualify.

Top facility: Victoria’s Melbourne Central City Studios has seen its fair share of big studio pics with “Where the Wild Things Are” and most recently Miramax’s “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark”; post for “Dark” was also handled in Melbourne at Iloura.

Key contacts: One-stop shop Ausfilm (Ausfilm.com) appointed a new topper earlier this year with Jackie O’Sullivan taking over from Caroline Pitcher. An experienced producer, O’Sullivan is an expert across all aspects of filming and finance in Oz.— Paul Chai