‘Twilight’ setting on tourists’ plate

Washington city of Forks bitten by fanatics

A vampire’s thirst for blood is nothing compared to “Twilight” fans’ thirst for all things Bella and Edward.

That fact hasn’t been lost on the Kalaloch Lodge, located in Forks, Wash., where the novels are set.

Looking to tap the same ardor that sent “Lord of the Rings” tourists flocking to New Zealand, the lodge is offering “Twilight” and “Bella” packages by which Twilighters can “view the sites that mark the milestones in Bella and Edward’s romance.”

“We wanted to capture all of the publicity surrounding ‘Twilight,’ ” says Beth Showalter, the lodge’s director of sales and marketing.

For $149 a night, guests can stroll along the beaches where Bella and friends explored tide pools, or for the ultimate firsthand fan experience, visit locales that Bella and Edward frequented — like scenic Forks High School and the Forks Community Hospital.

Of course, if a trip to a hospital isn’t tops on your list of vacation sites, the lodge does promote local hiking trails and ocean views along the Olympic Peninsula as well.

And much like New Zealand post-“LOTR,” Forks is seeing a boom.

“During the summer last year, Forks was reporting 500 to 600 visitors a day because of the books,” says Showalter.