Edinburgh Intl. Film Festival managing director Ginnie Atkinson has been working closely with new chair Iain Smith to beef up the industry side of the festival.

They are focusing particularly on bringing the technological side of the industry together with the creative talent.

“We want Edinburgh to be the meeting place for R&D people to get together with filmmakers, which is not something that happens very much at other festivals,” says Atkinson.

“There’s a whole other constituency of craft and technology people that we are trying to reach,” she adds.

Inviting Edinburgh-based cinematographer Seamus McGarvey to become a patron of the festival was a signal that Edinburgh is taking the craft of cinema as seriously as the art.

McGarvey is interviewing fellow lenser Anthony Dod Mantle onstage as the centerpiece of a three-day program of events for industry delegates about the new digital technologies that are transforming the production process.