Saint John of Las Vegas
Director: Hue Rhodes
Cast: Steve Buscemi, Sarah Silverman, Peter Dinklage, Tim Blake Nelson
Storyline: Buscemi plays John, an ex-gambler-turned fraud investigator who must return to Las Vegas to investigate an insurance claim.


World’s Greatest Dad
Director: Bobcat Goldthwait
Cast: Robin Williams, Daryl Sabara, Alexie Gilmore, Tom Kenny
Storyline: After a freak accident, Lance (Robin Williams) suddenly faces both the worst tragedy of his life, and the greatest opportunity.


Asylum Seekers
Director: Rania Ajami
Cast: Pepper Binkley, Bill Dawes, Judith Hawking
Storyline: Six people on the verge of a breakdown decide to check themselves into an insane asylum, only to discover there is just room for one.

Director: David Barker
Cast: Alexandra Meierhans, Michael Godere, Aidan Redmond
Storyline: When pregnant newlywed Irene is violently taken hostage, she confronts the truth about her marriage — and finds a state of unexpected grace — in her fight to survive.

Easier With Practice
Director: Kyle Patrick Alvarez
Cast: Brian Geraghty, Kel O’Neill, Marguerite Moreau
Storyline: While on a road trip to promote his unpublished novel, Davy Mitchell finds himself falling for a mysterious phone sex caller.

Director: Jeff Mizushima
Cast: Richard Vallejos, Megan Harvey, Caveh Zahedi
Storyline: After Richard’s best and only friend, a dwarf hamster named Etienne, is diagnosed with terminal cancer, he decides to take his pocket pet on a bicycle road trip up the California coast.

Director: Robert Saitzyk
Cast: Joseph McKelheer, Cory Knauf, Courtney Halverson
Storyline: An intense thriller set in the lingering light of the Alaskan midnight sun.

Director: Patrick Hoelck
Cast: Scott Caan, Wendy Glenn, Erika Christensen
Storyline: A successful but cynical young writer writes about love but does not really believe in it until he meets Mercy, who turns his world upside down.

Director: Talmage Cooley
Cast: Justin Long, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Rob Corddry
Storyline: An idealistic museum manager and a beautiful troublemaker go to war with a corrupt mayor to stop a casino from being built on their town’s historic battlefield.

Director: Asiel Norton
Cast: Lucy Adden, Mark Aaron
Storyline: As a family struggles to survive in rural isolation during the Great Depression, their daughter’s secret affair begins a journey into the unknown.