Nemo’s no longer the biggest fish in the pond.

Over the weekend, 20th Century Fox’s three-quel “Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs” became the highest-grossing animated title ever overseas, posting a cume of $551.4 million through Sunday.

It took six years for a toon to overtake Pixar and Disney’s “Finding Nemo,” which grossed $524.9 million internationally in its 2003 release.

Family films released in 3-D are seeing a surge in business at the foreign B.O., with auds more than willing to shell out the extra cost of a 3-D ticket.

Disney/Pixar’s “Up” is still early in its overseas run but has already seen boffo results. Toon launched in several major territories last weekend, grossing $23.4 million from 2,109 playdates in 23 markets. Foreign cume is $79.8 million.

In France, “Up” opened to a bountiful $8.9 million — nearly a third of “Wall-E’s” total gross in Gaul. That trend was repeated across the board. “Up” grossed $12 million in its launch in Russia, while “Wall-E” grossed $11.7 million in its entire run.

“Up” bowed to $7.9 million from 602 playdates in Spain, the best opening of the year. Of the total screen count, only 161 runs were in 3-D, yet those runs yielded $3.3 million in grosses.

“Ice Age 3” is the top-grossing film of the year so far at the foreign box office, although it could ultimately lose that race to Warner Bros.’ “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince,” which is on the brink of jumping $500 million internationally.

“Half-Blood Prince” won the weekend at the foreign B.O., grossing $43.4 million in its third weekend for a cume of $493 million and worldwide total of $748.7 million.

“Ice Age 3’s” worldwide total of $733.4 million isn’t far behind.

“Up” ended the weekend with a global tally of $366.2 million.

(Emilio Mayorga in Barcelona contributed to this report.)