Families beam up ‘Trek’ box office

Final figures $3 mil higher than reported

Paramount’s “Star Trek” grossed roughly $3 million more than estimated on Sunday, putting the film’s 3½ day opening at $79.2 million and signaling that families are beginning to turn out for the film.

“Star Trek” grossed $72.2 million for the weekend after earning $7 million in Thursday night shows.

On Sunday, Par put the film’s opening cume at $76.5 million, including the Thursday take.

Studios’ Sunday weekend estimates generally overestimate the actual gross, rather than underestimating it.

Par said the $3 million bump was due to an unexpected showing of families looking for something to do on Mother’s Day. Good word of mouth likely drew them to the multiplex.

On Sunday, Paramount estimated that “Star Trek” would gross $18 million on Sunday after earning $27.2 on Saturday. Fan-driven films generally see a bigger drop on Sunday than family pics.

But “Star Trek,” directed by J.J. Abrams, ended up grossing north of $21 million on Sunday.

Last year, “Iron Man” dropped 30% on Mother’s Day, although that was in the pic’s second weekend.

Par is counting on continued word of mouth to build the film’s gross. “Star Trek” is one of the best-reviewed movies of the year, according to Rotten Tomatoes.

Overseas, “Star Trek” had a harder time, but that was expected. None of the 10 previous films in the franchise were big hits at the international box office.

Bowing in 54 markets, “Star Trek” grossed $36 million in its foreign debut. Par execs said this number was in line with expectations considering the chilly reception other “Star Trek” pics have drawn internationally.