Angels and Demons” remained ruler of a robust foreign box office in its second frame with $60.4 million at about 10,610 playdates in 99 markets, topping the $50.1 million overseas opening for “Night at the Museum: The Battle of the Smithsonian” at 8,100 in 93 markets

Sony’s religious thriller’s continuing to show far more traction overseas than domestically with foreign grosses at $198.3 million — more than double the domestic cume of $81.5 million — as many major markets saw solid holdover performances with declines under 40% and a $5,693 per-location average.

Germany led the “Angels” way again with $8 million, off only 25%, for a $23.6 million cume, followed by the U.K. decreasing 36% to $4.7 million and Spain down 39% to $4.4 million. Mexico, which had seen its launch delayed due to the flu outbreak, debuted with $4.1 million for the biggest opening of 2009 and 24% shy of the first frame of “The Da Vinci Code.”

Japan declined 31% to $3.9 million and France was off 39% to $3.65 million. Italy, which had posted the second highest opening, slid 56% to $3.5 million for a $17 million cume.

“Angels” has already grossed 37% of the final foreign cume of “Da Vinci,” which finished its run with $540 million internationally in 2006. Sony’s held off on releasing “Terminator Salvation” overseas, where it has nearly all the rights, until next weekend in Asia and until the first June frame in most major markets.

“Angels and Demons” is already the biggest international grosser this year, topping the $192.8 million foreign cume for “Fast and Furious,” which dominated in April.

The “Night at the Museum” sequel showed plenty of drawing power with first place finishes is most markets, led by the U.K. with $6.8 million, France with $5 million and Russia with $4.4 million. The family comedy came in a distant second in Germany behind “Angels,” taking in $4.3 million, but led in Australia with $3.6 million and Brazil with $2.5 million.

“Museum 2” also trailed the second frame of “Angels” in Spain with $2.7 million and in Italy with $2 million. Singapore scored the second biggest opening of the year with $1.2 million and Indonesia posted the highest launch for a Fox title with $1.1 million.

Per-location average was a respectable $6,185. Fox noted that the “Museum 2” offshore opening didn’t include Japan, South Korea, Mexico or China — four markets that grossed a combined $84.4 million for the original “Night at Museum,” or better than a quarter of its final $323 million cume outside the United States.

The studio said foreign prospects appear bright for the sequel since it faces no family competition in most markets until “Ice Age 3” launches day and date on July 1.

Paramount’s “Star Trek” finished a distant but decent third place with $11.5 million at 5,282 in 58 territories for a foreign cume of $87.5 million — 60% higher than the previous international best for a “Trek” title, scored by “Star Trek: First Contact.” The U.K. turned in the best performance with $2.8 million, off 49% amid warm temps, while Germany and Australia each delivered $1.5 million.

With a stellar $183.5 million domestic total, “Star Trek” has beamed up a combined $271 million worldwide.

The fourth frame of Fox’s “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” put its claws on $7 million at 5,900 in 103 markets to lift the international cume to $156.7 million — $6 million behind the domestic total. “Wolverine” will launch next weekend in Mexico, where it was also delayed due to the flu.

Disney’s “Hannah Montana” warbled its way to $3.1 million at 1,837 in 17 markets for a $31 million foreign cume, while Universal’s “Coraline” grossed $1.9 million at 1,043 in 23 territories for a $21.3 million international total.

Disney opens “Hannah” next weekend in Germany. And the Mouse House will go day and date with “Up” only in Russia and the Ukraine, opting for a staggered release for the Pixar toon internationally.