Tom Ford — fashion designer-turned-screenwriter-director — is garnering attention for his adaptation of Christopher Isherwood’s “A Single Man.”

“After (working at) Gucci, I decided that I wanted to make a film, but nothing was really resonating,” Ford says. “Then one day I thought of George (“A Single Man’s” main character), and I realized that after reading the book 25 years earlier, it still spoke to me.”

Once Ford bought the rights to the book and David Scearce’s screenplay, he decided to make the story “my own” by creating a plot that George was going to kill himself.

“My first drafts were really terrible. A good friend looked at them and suggested I hire a professional writer, but I kept at it for a year and half. The intention of the book is still there, but there are parts that I was trying to cling to that ultimately didn’t help the elements of the story that I had chosen to accentuate, so I had to lose them.”

Hometown: Santa Fe, N.M.

Schools: NYU; Parsons the New School for Design

First writing gig: “A Single Man”

Influences: Vittorio De Sica, Mike Nichols and Alfred Hitchcock

Screenplays that impressed this year: “I haven’t had time to see anything!”