‘John’ loads up 7 Lola nominations

WWII drama leads German Film Awards pack

BERLIN — Florian Gallenberger’s WWII drama “John Rabe,” the true story of a German industrialist who saved 200,000 Chinese during the Japanese invasion of Nanjing, leads the pack among this year’s nominees for the German Film Awards, also known as the Lolas.

Pic, which was filmed on location in Nanjing and Shanghai, garnered seven nominations, including picture, director, actor for Ulrich Tukur and supporting actor for Steve Buscemi.

Also receiving best pic noms were Uli Edel’s hit terrorist drama “The Baader Meinhof Complex,” Caroline Link’s family tale “A Year Ago in Winter,” Andreas Dresen’s “Cloud 9,” Oezguer Yildirim’s crime drama “Chiko” and Christian Petzold’s “Jericho.

Edel, Dresen and Petzold are also vying with Gallenberger for the director prize.

Actress nominees include Anna Maria Muehe for her double role as mother and daughter in Christian Schwochow’s “November Child”; Ursula Werner, who portrays a sixty-something woman who risks her marriage for a passionate affair in “Cloud 9”; and Johanna Wokalek for her role as terrorist gun moll Gudrun Ensslin in “The Baader Meinhof Complex.”

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Competiting against Tukur for the actor prize are Josef Bierbichler for “A Year Ago in Winter” and Denis Moschitto for “Chiko.”

The German Film Award ceremony will take place in Berlin on April 24.


German Film Award nominees 2009


Best Film

“The Baader Meinhof Complex,” Uli Edel

“Chicko,” Oezguer Yildirim

“A Year Ago in Winter,” Caroline Link

“Jerichow,” Christian Petzold

“John Rabe,” Florian Gallenberger

“Cloud 9,” Andreas Dresen


Best Director


Andreas Dresen, “Cloud 9”

Uli Edel, “The Baader Meinhof Complex”

Florian Gallenberger, “John Rabe”

Christian Petzold, “Jerichow”


Best Actress


Anne Maria Muehe, “November Child”

Ursula Werner, “Cloud 9”

Johanna Wokalek, “The Baader Meinhof Complex”


Best Actor


Josef Bierbichler, “A Year Ago in Winter”

Denis Moschitto, “Chicko”

Ulrich Tukur, “John Rabe”


Best Supporting Actress


Irm Hermann, “A Woman in Berlin”

Susanne Lothar, “Fleisch ist mein Gemuese”

Sophie Rois, “The Architect”


Best Supporting Actor


Steve Buscemi, “John Rabe”

Andreas Schmidt, “Fleisch ist mein Gemuese”

Ruediger Volger, “Effi Briest”


Best Screenplay


Christian Schwochow, Heide Schwochow, “November Child”

Johanna Stuttmann, “A Hero’s Welcome”

Oezguer Yildirim, “Chiko”


Best Cinematography


Kolja Brandt, “North Face”

Juergen Juerges, “John Rabe”

Wedigo von Schultzendorff, “Lulu & Jimi”


Best Editing


Anne Fabini, “Berlin Calling”

Peter Przygodda, Oli Weiss, Mirko Scheel, “Palermo Shooting”

Patricia Rommel, “A Year Ago in Winter”

Sebastian Thumler, “Chiko”


Best Set Design


Christian M. Goldbeck, “Krabat”

Tu Ju Hua, “John Rabe”

Udo Kramer, “North Face”


Best Costume Design


Lucie Bates, “Effi Briest”

Lisy Christl, “John Rabe”

Birgit Missal, “The Baader Meinhof Complex”


Best Film Music


Element of Crime, “Robert Zimmermann is Tangled Up in Love”

Annette Focks, “Krabat”

Niki Reiser, “A Year Ago in Winter”


Best Sound Design


Manfred Banach, Tschangis Chahorkh, Dirk Jacob, Carsten Richter, “Krabat”

Manfred Banach, Christian Conrad, Martin Steyer, “A Woman in Berlin”

Tschangis Chahrokh, Heinz Ebner, Guido Zettier, “North Face”


Best Documentary


“Lenin kam nur bis Ludenscheid,” Andre Schafer

“NoBody’s Perfect,” Niko von Glasow


Best Children or Youth Film


“Lilly the Witch,” Stefan Ruzowitzky

“Nothing Else Matters,” Julia von Heinz

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