…had a few minutes before the Dr. Cooter came home from the hospital and between our second and third gin and tonics of the afternoon so we perused the pages of the delightfully naughty Defamer website where we came across a juicy little nugget posted by their resident genius Richard Lawson.

In the June 15 edition of gossip glossy In Touch ran an article about actor Patrick Dempsey’s new digs in the Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles. Accompanying the article was a wee map of the stars sort of thing indicating where several other celebs set up camp in the tony and famous folk filled Brentwood neighborhood. Their list included Reese Witherspoon, Governator Schwarzenegger and footballer Tom Brady and his ladee-pal cat walker Gisele Bündchen who own a bare piece of land up the street from Arnie and Maria where they reportedly plan to build their west coast dream house. This would all be very interesting to someone like Your Mama who makes a career of sorts knowing who lives where except, as Mister Lawson so astutely observed, In Touch’s silly little map is not of the Brentwood in Los Angeles but rather of another Brentwood, CA town which happens to be up in Northern California.

We imagine some poorly paid fact checker is at this very moment locked inside a dark and dirty broom closet at the In Touch offices after being given forty lashes with a wet noodle by Editor In Chief Richard Spencer.

We’ll drink to that.