…has a trio of afternoon tidbits we thought might be inneresting to the children. Remember pumpkins, these are just rumor and gossip. Got that? Rumor and gossip.

According to the always helpful Babbling Babette, touring pop tartlet Britney Spears is (or recently was) negotiating an offer for her real estate white elephant located behind the guarded gates of the Summit community in Beverly Hills. Poor Miss Spears, who by court order no longer controls the strings to her own purse, bought the house in back January of 2007 when she was hanging around with some nefarious characters and acting all kinds of erratic and unstable.

Miss Britney must have had a bout of buyer’s remorse because the property was hurled on to the market in September of 2008 at $7,900,00. After disappearing from and reappearing on the open market several times, it’s now back on and priced at $6,499,000, far below what she paid. As far as we know, when Miss Britney is in LaLa Land, she and the Federtots shack up in a sprawling rented house in a double gated community in Calabasas.

Listen chickens, many offers for properties come to naught, so this one may not work out for the Miss Brit. But we sure hope so because the wee lamb needs to dump this scene of some of her more sordid and scandalicious moments, get on with her life and raise up them babies of hers.

Put on your thinking caps kids and go back into the dark recesses of your minds to early September of 2008 when Your Mama passed along the real estate rumor that Cher, a senior citizen who has not entirely successfully attempted to Turn Back Time with plastic surgery, had gone into escrow on her lavish $45,000,000 Malee-boo beach house?

Back then every property purveyor up and down the Pacific Coast Highway was chattering about the big deal. But then, poof! the gossip grapevine went silent as a funeral. That is until the other day when it was snitched to Your Mama by someone in the position to know that La Cher did have an offer on the property in the $40,000,000 range but, for some reason, beehawtcha balked and the buyer walked.

In early May of 2009, after two-thirds of a year on the market, La Cher took the 6 bedroom and 7 terlit Italian Renaissance style villa off the open market.

Although Your Mama has not been able to verify this with any of our more informed informants, we recently heard from an editor at a big gossip glossy that Jessica Simpson, whose career continues in a downward spiral, was fixin‘ to list her Beverly Hills (Post Office) property which she picked up in December of 2005 for $5,275,000.

Yes puppies, this is indeed the house that sits right up next door to bling queen Kimora Lee Simmons’ real estate white elephant that she bought in August of 2007 for $5,900,000 and flipped back on the market nine months later with a much higher asking price of $7,750,000 and which has subsequently been sliced and diced to it’s current asking price of $5,900,000.

We’re not sure where Mister Editor got his 411, but it sorta makes sense that Miss Wannabe Mrs. Romo would sell of her pretty house in Bev Hlls since she seems to spend most of her time wherever her pigskin passing boy-beau Tony Romo is. We shall see puppies, we shall see.

Now then, Your Mama is going to say this one more time for any of those people who do not bother to read our words…these items are just rumor and gossip. Got it?