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After many fits and starts and an uber-extensive search through every $15,000,000+ property in the Platinum Triangle that exhausted and tried the patience of real estate agents and real estate gossips alike, it’s looking more and more like Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner may finally bite the big real estate bullet.

Last week, after a rather revealing memo from Betty Blathersalot and another even more enlightening chit-chat with well konnected Karl Katoutofthebag, Your Mama floated a rather vague discussion about Bennifer (or whatever they’re gossip glossy moniker is) setting their notoriously fickle sights on a $20,000,000+ property that had been languishing on the market for an ice age. Since it now appears more specific information is leaking out about their real estate doings, Your Mama figures we don’t need to keep our big trap shut on the details anymore.

According to Your Mama’s been spilling sources, the preggers pair have been negotiating to buy super-producer Brian Grazer and wifey Gigi Levangie-Grazer’s sprawling estate in The Riviera section of Pacific Palisades, CA which was last listed at a whopping $24,500,000.

The 3+ acre, flag lot property provides a gated and tree-lined paparazzi proof driveway, a sprawling 8,798 square foot single story Cliff May designed main house with 5 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms, 4 fireplaces, and what listing information called, “the best projection room in L.A.”

In addition to the multi-winged main house, the self-contained compound also includes a separate building with an office, art studio, gym and two bathrooms as well as a guest house, hidden underneath the back yard lawn. Yes children, underneath. The underground space includes two suites for guests or staff, 3 bathrooms, a billiard room, craft room and long views towards the Pacific Ocean. Additional this and thats include a half-court basketball court, a bank of solar panels, an amoeba shaped swimming pool, massive flat lawn areas perfect for gin fueled croquet tournaments, several outdoor terraces for entertaining and, natch, a seriously state of the art security system that Your Mama imagines will zap any foolish intruder with a million volts of electricity before letting them step foot on the property.

Now then, let’s all cross our fingers and toes this deal goes through because, quite frankly, we’re a little tired about talking about these two.