Your Mama’s caveat: This story comes from a recent article in The Mirror, a naughty tabloid paper in the U.K., so make of it what you will children.

As part of her deevorce, the Kabbalah Kween (K.K.) was compelled to surrender Ashcombe House to the ex-Mister Madonna Guy Ritchie. Trouble is, the megalomaniac music icon loved Ashcombe House and apparently she misses her old 1,200 acre country estate in Wiltshire.

“Sources” told the people at The Mirror that the K.K. is so busted up over having to move all her cone bras and Pilates outfits out of Ashcombe House that she’s documented the Georgian manor house room by room so that she can have her architect(s) and coterie of nice gay decorators re-create the look and feel of Ashcombe House in the triple wide townhouse on the Upper East Side of Manhattan which she’s rumored to have purchased for around forty million American clams. (Although the property is no longer available according to Street Easy, we’ve yet to locate any records of a completed transaction.)

The Mirror’s “source” goes on to claim that not only has K.K. sent a crew of underlings out to all the Englishy boo-teeks in Manhattan looking for “candelabras, side tables, and period chaises,” she’s ripped up the vintage wood floors and replaced them with terracotta tiles similar to those at Ashcombe House and, here’s the kicker kids, she reportedly told pals that she’d like to have some chickens…in New York.

We know that as far as real estate snobs are concerned this townhouse is located in the boonies of the Upper East Side, but it isn’t really the boonies and if K.K. thinks she’s going to have some kind of damn farm up on East 81st Street she is out of her ever loving mind. Roosters on the Lower East Side…sure. Uptown chickens? Hmm. Next thing you know she’ll want to put a cow up on the roof for milk and rabbits down in the basement for stew. Pleeze woman, if this is true (and we’re not sure it is) you better get a damn grip on yerself before you really stray out into the deep end of reality.

photo: Madonna feeding her chickens at Ashcombe House (Vogue Magazine)