SELLER: Lynne Langdon
LOCATION: Franklin Avenue, Los Angeles, CA
PRICE: $1,395,000
SIZE: 1,338 square feet, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms
DESCRIPTION: MOTIVATED SELLER. Celebrity owned. Million dollar views. Hip, contemporary, inspiring home, an entertainer’s dream. In the heart of the action. Nice parking spaces, too! Room for a pool, and additional rooms.

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: Only in Tinseltown would a virtually unknown ack-tress/producer turned real estate agent list her own house above the Sunset Strip with an asking price of $1,395,000 and then market the property as “celebrity owned,” which is exactly what a ladee named Lynne Langdon has done. Now children, seriously, what is not to love about that?**

According to our brief and admittedly unscientific spin through the interweb we discovered that Miz Langdon was once upon a time a bit of a star in China which is why she speaks conversational Mandarin Chinese. She was once rumored to have been involved with action movie stud Jean Claude van Damme and has had a number of bit parts in programs like Desperate Housewives, That 80s Show and The Guardian. She is also, according to her re-zoo-may, the writer, producer, director and co-star of a film called Weather Girls which features a bunch of other actors and actresses we’ve never heard of before.

Property records show Miz Langdon paid $595,000 when she purchased the 2 bedroom and 2 bathroom hillside house on Franklin Avenue in August of 2001. A gate opens from the street into a small courtyard where Miz Langdon has place a couple of wicker chaise lounges. But for the difficult to access land below the back of the house, this pocket-sized courtyard would appear to be the only easily accessible outdoor space, which is a real pity because it would be awfully nice to have a deck run along the rear of the house where Your Mama could lay about with a pitcher of gin and tonics and watch the lights of Los Angeles flicker on as the day turns to night.

The glassy open plan interior spaces have very light wood floors, white walls and all sorts of white, chrome and glass furniture that looks like it was shipped in from the 1980s. The kitchen has white-washed wood cabinetry, stainless steel appliances and an unholy combination of granite and tile counter tops and back splashes. The Master bedroom has very pale beige wall to wall carpeting and a beige tiled bathroom with double sinks and a large soaking tub.

Listing information indicates there is room for a pool and since Miz Langdon the listing agent owns the property we’re going to taker her word for it. Listing information also shows Miz Langdon is motivated so any of the children with a desire to live in the hills above the Sunset Strip should get on the horn with Miz Langdon and see how low she will go.

**See #8 here for a bit of a correction regarding this celebrity owned issue.