According to the people at X17, super star singer Rihanna got some real estate fancy pants and recently snatched up a modern mansion in the 90210. According to listing information Your Mama dug up, the newly constructed casa in the Bev Hills Post Office measures in at more than 10,000 square feet and contains 8 bedrooms and 10 poopers.

Now come on gurl. Your Mama knows you are flooded and flush with new money burning a hole in your damn pockets, but seriously child, pleeze, 8 bedrooms and 10 terlits? You are just 21 years old. We know you do not go anywhere, including the damn pooper, without having a passel of people tagging along, but what in the world are you gonna do rambling around in that big ol‘ house all by your lonesome when your entourage home to their families? Plus, now you have to staff up and add a damn full time terlit gurl to the payroll.

Anyhoo, additional amenities of the gated mansion include 270 degree views, 30 foot ceilings, a library, large gourmet kitchen, movie theater, a swimming pool and a deck that hangs over the canyon with long views of the glittery carpet of lights below.

X17 is reporting that the house was listed at $9,995,000 and that Miss Rihanna worked herself a bargain and scored the place for $6,900,000. We don’t find any recent transaction records that would indicate Miss Rihanna, or anyone else for that matter, has bought this Bev Hills beast so we don’t know if the reported sale price is accurate. What we do know, thanks to information provided to Your Mama by Babbling Babette, is that the multi-winged modern was actually last listed at $8,995,000.

UPDATE (Later Same Day): One of the children sent a covert communique to Your Mama stating that this house, this house in Beverly Hills that Rihanna (allegedly) purchased, was used on the second season of Paris Hilton’s My New BFF. Now listens, everybody knows that Your Mama and the Dr. Cooter have an admittedly unhealthy addiction to reality tee-vee. We will watch just about any old thing they will toss up on the boob-toob. But even Your Mama has to draw the reality tee-vee line somewhere and that line is Paris Hilton, meaning we’ve never polluted and punished our minds watching her little program. However, a little research on the interweb turned up some photos on the MTV website that we were able to compare against listing photos and, sure enough, they do indeed seem to be the same house. Who would have guessed Rihanna would buy a house tainted by reality television?

ANOTHER UPDATE: Property records now reflect that the house was indeed purchased by Rihanna (nee Robyn Fenty) for $6,900,000 just like the people at X17 originally reported.