Yesterday Your Mama prattled on about Real Housewife of Orange County Jeana Keough who was reported to be in default on at least one of her four properties and seeking a loan modification from her lender on the $1,300,000 mortgage she carried on her primary residence in Coto de Caza. Not long after our little discussion we heard from Miss Kitty Glitter who kindly linked Your Mama over to the latest OC Register article about the beleaguered real estate broker’s real estate woes.

Well puppies, not only did the reality tee-vee starring property purveyor rather bizarrely thank OC Register writer Mark Eades for making her aware of the Notice of Default(s), but she also thanked a bunch of other men for helping her to successfully complete a loan modification.

She went on to give updates about her trio of spoiled children and then mentioned at the very tail end of her letter that she will “probably sell the house.” According to Miz Keough, the house (shown above) measures “8,500 square feet with a guest house on a 1.2 acre with 6 garages.” She also claims “her $6.5 million house is now worth $5 million.”

Now puppies, we freely confess that we do not know the banking bizness from a hole in the ground but can someone please explain to Your Mama how a ladee with a house (allegedly) worth five million dollars, a mortgage of only $1.3 million and three additional income properties qualifies for a damn loan modification? Pleeze. Iffin anyone asked Your Mama, and of course no one did, we think bee-hawtcha should have been selling off her properties when she saw this real estate storm brewing a long time ago.

The second celebrity foreclosure situation we would like to share and discuss with the children is that of ack-tor Stephen Baldwin. Stephen is the bible beating Baldwin not to be confused with his more successful and talented but no less troubled brothers Alec, Daniel and William. The last we heard Mister Stephen Baldwin was hanging around with that shameless publicity seeking father of Lindsay Lohan and currently appears as a contestant on the reality program I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here which is truly where b- through d-list celebrity careers go to die.

Anyhoo, according to recent article, back in 1997 Mister Baldwin and his graphic designer wife Kennya–that’s right children, she has got two damn “N”s in her name–bought an 1850s era house on a 1.4 acre property on Old Mountain Road in Upper Grandview, NY (shown above). In 2006, according to the report, Mister and Missus Baldwin listed their 3 story, 4 bedroom and 4 bathroom house with an eye popping asking price of $3,400,000, a breathtaking increase over the reported $515,000 they paid for the place. But alas and perhaps not surprisingly, there were no takers.

Over the years, according to the report, the devoutly Christian couple ran up their mortgage and eventually defaulted on an $824,486.36 loan from the Bankers Trust Company who has foreclosed and intends to auction the property to the highest bidder on June 24.

Like Your Mama has said a thousand and one times before, we do not care to dance on the real estate graves of eh-nee-one, but Your Mama is not going to waste one minute worrying about Mister Stephen Baldwin and his wife Kennnnnnnya because we’re just sure Jesus has their backs and best interests in mind.

Baldwin photo: Vincent DiSalvo/The Journal News