It’s far too early in the a.m. for Your Mama to make heads or tales of this but there are people saying and others whispering that Britain’s Prince William and his gurly-pal Kate where house hunting along the sparkling shores of Malee-boo. The reports all indicate His Highness and Not Quite Her Highness Yet took a spin around a house with 4 bedrooms, 4.5 bathroom, a winding drive way leading to a 4 car garage, and a close to 8 million dollar asking price.

Does this sound to anyone besides Your Mama exactly like the Pacific Coast Highway house that Tinseltown aristocrat Leo DiCaprio bought from t-shirt purveyor James Perse in January 2007 for $6,350,000 and flipped back onto the market in November of 2008 with a wildly increased $8,999,000 asking price? Some of the children may recall that with no buyers swooping in to snatch up the bluff top spread right away, Mister DiCaprio also put the house out for long term lease at $25,000 per month.

It appears that lucky Mister DiCaprio is in escrow on that property (last priced at $7,999,000) but all reports say the princely pair are not the buyers. Sorry kids, but that’s all we got on that one.