TiVo gets ready for the big time

TiVo’s recent court victory over Dish Network could mean a
rapid expansion for the company.Tivo

Bloomberg reports the company, whose name is synonymous with
digital video recording, is in talks to provide service through Time Warner
cable. (TiVo already has deals in place with DirecTV and Comcast.)

If a deal is struck, it would give TiVo access to 34.2
million additional customers.

The June 2 court ruling, which determined EchoStar and Dish
violated TiVo’s patent, could open the floodgates for the company. With the
court ruling behind it, TiVo is in a better position to strike deals with other
pay-TV operators who offer some form of recording and playback services. (Dish
and EchoStar are appealing the decision.)

Possibly anticipating some resistance, TiVo is reportedly
putting together a war chest in case it needs to take other cable or satellite
providers to court. It would prefer, though, to strike licensing deals with
them, which would help it shore up its annual sales. Despite being a household
name, TiVo only reported its first profit in March.

TiVo wants to let cable subscribers choose their DVR service,
according to Bloomberg. For cable companies unwilling to agree to this the
company might ask for licensing or other forms of revenue.