Kids and tech – a fresh look

It should come as no surprise that children’s use of
laptops, video game platforms and cell phones continues to rise. Even the most
die-hard luddite will concede that.

But a new report from The NPD Group says girls are more
likely than boys to use cell phones and laptop computers.

Also, while cell phone ownership by tweens is on the rise, fewer and fewer of those kids are bothering to talk on them. The market research company says almost half of
the people surveyed indicated kids used their phones to send text messages or
photos rather than for verbal communications.

On average, kids between the ages of 4 and 14 have 11
consumer electronics devices in their home, with iPods, TVs and PCs leading the
pack. The family shares most of these devices, but a rising number of children now
own their own hardware.

According to NPD, 37 percent of kids who play portable games
on a Nintendo DS or other device own their own, while one in four children own
their own video game console (such as an Xbox or PlayStation).