BitTorrent directly to your TV? Uh oh.

Here’s a product that may put a scare into studio heads.Cinemacube

Taiwan-based Zinnet today unveiled the brite-View
CinemaCube, a high-definition multi-media player and BitTorrent downloader.
That means it just got easier for people to grab pirated films from the
Internet and watch them on their TV.

The device plugs directly into a user’s TV and uses any USB
storage device (from thumb drives to external hard drives) to store data. On
the surface, that means you could watch your home movies or view photos.

The CinemaCube is also comes with a built-in BitTorrent
client, meaning users can access the online file sharing service. It’s also
networkable, letting users can grab files (ranging from music to video to
photos) from a remote PC to view on their television.

The device, which supports HD content up to 720p and comes
with an HDMI port, is on sale now for $89.99.

Previously, people who wanted to watch a pirated movie on
their TV would typically have to burn a DVD copy of the download before they
could watch it on the couch. The CinemaCube expedites the process – somewhat.

The torrent seed has to already be on the USB storage device
you plug into the CinemaCube. In other words, users will need to at least begin
the download(s) from their PC, but Zinnet’s device can continue downloading
(and sharing) the files once the storage device is attached.

The CinemaCube does flash a quick request that users not
download illegal video, audio, etc., but it cannot police what they do.

Of course, there’s nothing illegal about BitTorrent. The
file sharing system has countless legitimate uses. But its popularity among
pirates makes the CinemaCube something that could be another threat to
Hollywood’s bottom line.