‘Avatar’ online trailer claims top spot

Sci-fi pic's views increase 57% over last week

With two weeks until release, “Avatar” finally claimed first place among all online trailers with 1.7 million views. James Cameron’s film increased a strong 57% over last week’s views and further benefited from “New Moon” and “2012” moving away from tracking and into release.

“Ninja Assassin,” which is approaching its second weekend, saw its trailer get its highest placement to date in the no. 2 spot with nearly 1.6 million views.

“Alvin & The Chipmunks: The Squeakuel” held steady at third place with just over 1 million views. Set for release Christmas Day, the title has already spent seven weeks on the chart.

Disney’s “The Princess And The Frog” debuted at fourth place with more than 873,000 views at fourth place. While this is the film’s first appearance on the chart, it should have made its debut last week but the Visible Measures team had not yet collected the data.

“Old Dogs,” released last weekend, jumped from eighth place to fifth, increasing 145% to more than 532,000 views. Similarly, “The Road” hit theaters last week and saw a 129% increase, moving the film from ninth place to sixth.

“Nine” made its second consecutive appearance, but showed only a modest 11% increase. The film has two weeks until release.

Releasing this weekend, “Brothers” slides into eighth place with a 56% increase. However, the film’s weekly view counts have turned out lower than the weekly averages.

Seven weeks from release, Sony’s “Legion” debuts at ninth place with more than 223,000 views. “Armored,” a Sony release slated for this weekend, is in tenth place with more than 214,.000 views and the week’s largest percentage growth at 216%.

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Data is provided by Visible Measures, an independent third-party measurement firm for internet video publishers, advertisers, and viral marketers. A joint project with Visible Measures and Variety, this chart of the top 10 online film trailers shows the week’s top-performing online video trailers with a focus on films that are within 10 weeks of general release. For more about how to interpret these results as well as additional background on the data collection methodology, please visit Visible Measures.