Amid the global economic meltdown, Paris-based website Touscoprod.com has hit the blogosphere to help film directors and producers finance their films.

Launched in January, the website operates on a concept similar to that of MyMajorCompany.

Cybernauts can check out the website’s online  catalog of feature films, toons, docus and shorts and invest as little as $10 to become co-producers. Touscoprod then gives 80% of film’s profit to co-producers and keeps 20% for the company.

Run by founder Nicolas Bailly and content director Barbara Tonelli, the company has an eclectic lineup of arthouse films. These include Michel Piccoli-starrer “L’Insurge,” produced by Gallatee Films; “Sound of Noise,” co-produced by Wild Bunch ; and Lebanese drama “Chaque Jour est Une Fete,” co-produced by French shingle Cine-Sud Promotion.

“We can’t promise co-producers that they’ll get any returns on their investments since not every film makes a profit, but we never know,” said Bailly. “The phenomenon of ‘Welcome to the Sticks’ has shown us that local films can sometimes make a lot of money.”

 A laffer set in Brittany, “Entre Nous Deux,” for instance, has been getting buzz among locals and the website has already collected E30,000 off of the e62,500 Touscoprod has said it would collect.

“For producers, the website is a source of a great marketing tool as users can create a real word-of-mouth buzz,” added Bailly.

With a $10 investment, users can get involved in the production of films and have access to confidential info, and create their own promo-reels.

“Just when it’s getting tougher and tougher for films d’auteurs to exist, Touscoprod is creating a link between cybernauts and films before they even come out,” explained Gallatee Films’ topper Nicolas Mauvernay.

 In total, Toucoprod has 14 projects and 10 under wraps.