Vivendi wild for 3-D ‘Call’

Film unit nabs family pic for distribution

Vivendi Entertainment has picked up 3-D family pic “Call of the Wild 3D” for U.S. distribution.

Movie has ridden a European wave of interest in stereo pics to distribution deals for several territories.

Pic, produced and directed by Richard Gabai and starring Christopher Lloyd, Veronica Cartwright and Wes Studi, is notable as the first digital 3-D release made entirely with live-action photography, with no CGI.

Low-budget indie updates the Jack London story to present-day Montana. It will open in limited release on 15 3-D screens in heartland U.S. markets.

According to Gabai, the release will expand if the pic performs well. However, with “Up” holding and “Ice Age 3” coming soon, those 3-D screens will be in short supply. Vivendi would not comment on its plans for the movie.

Voltage Pictures, the sales agent for the pic, says it struck deals for several European markets at Cannes.

Icon has picked it up for the U.K., Mondo Home Entertainment for Italy, Dutch Film Works for Benelux, Hollywood Films for the Czech Republic, ITI for Poland, Village Roadshow for Greece, Sinetel for Turkey, Pa-Dora for Yugoslavia and Tandem for Bulgaria.