Starting Thursday, Variety will begin its rollout of the website’s paywall as part of an overall revamp of the publication’s subscription structure.

After clicking on two pages of content at Variety.com, one in 10 randomly selected visitors will be prompted to register for further access.

Print and digital subscribers who have logged in with a user name and password have full access to Variety.com. Nonsubscribers may access only five pages of content in any given month.

One fee now provides access to all Variety products, including the print editions of Daily Variety and weekly Variety, as well as Variety.com and Digital Variety. Currently, the introductory subscription rate is $248 annually. Once a person subscribes, all Variety content is accessible on any platform.

“This initial phase allows us to gather more information about our paying customers worldwide and hone the user experience so we can continue to provide the best subscriber experience for all paying customers,” said Variety president Neil Stiles. “The number of unique visitors to Variety will decline, but the people who remain on the site are our core audience. These are ultimately the people we want to reach.”

Content unaffected by the paywall includes the home page, headlines, brief article summaries and search results. Similarly, Variety news will continue to be aggregated online, as it has in the past.