Reveille has paired up with Jack and Suzy Welch to take on businesses as its next web series for MSN.

Company will bow “It’s Everybody’s Business With Jack and Suzy Welch” as sort of a business-intervention series, in which the duo doles out advice to companies.

Premiere episode has the Welches visit Hertz Corp. as they try to help the car rental firm come up with a rival to the Zip Car.

Companies featured in each webisode have to be Microsoft customers with more than 500 staffers.

MSN is trying to target business and IT professionals with the web series, which aims to promote Microsoft’s suite of business software and technology services; series ties in with Microsoft’s “It’s Everybody’s Business” campaign, which launched earlier this year.

Jack Welch is the former CEO of GE.

Business show will run live on MSN and be promoted across Microsoft’s stable of websites, as well as appear on the Xbox 360.

Project was conceived by Gayle Troberman, general manager of Microsoft’s Advertising and Customer Engagement Team. She previously worked with Reveille while heading up MSN’s branded entertainment efforts. Advertising agency JWT also developed the series.

Microsoft is underwriting the series, with episodes serving as free promotion for the featured companies.