Ashton Kutcher’s Katalyst shingle is looking to turn the animated Web series “Blah Girls” into a TV property — and has found an unusual launching pad for the show.

“Blah Girls” will debut on TV as a series of one-minute interstitials on the entertainment newsmag strip “The Insider” starting today.

“Insider” distrib CBS TV Distribution will then aim at spinning off “Blah Girls” into its own, separate half-hour series, targeted for firstrun syndication or cable.

Katalyst and David & Goliath originally created “Blah Girls,” which centers on three teens — “Krystle, Tiffany and Britney — who share their pop culture-obsessed take on all things celebrity and entertainment. Show is seen as a cross between “South Park” and such entertainment-driven commentary skeins as “The Soup.”

“We always saw this property living on multiple platforms,” said Katalyst co-founder Jason Goldberg.”And the ‘Blah Girls’ is a perfect fit for ‘The Insider.’ It matches their attitude.”

Show reps the first major syndication component to come out of Katalyst’s exclusive development deal at the Eye, which included firstrun fare at CBS TV Distribution.

“I spend all of my time trying to figure out what viewers want in celebrity content,” said CTD creative affairs/development prexy Terry Wood. “These girls get it. They understand why people are fascinated with celebrity and have their own take on it. It seemed like a perfect fit for ‘The Insider.’ ”

Wood said “Blah Girls” could launch as a daily strip or a weekly show, depending on the buyer and whether it goes to cable or syndication. Modern computer animation will allow a quick turnaround for the show, she added.

“Blah Girls” can be produced at a low cost given that there’s not a lot of physical production, Wood said. It also means the show could be on the air as soon as this fall or the beginning of next year.

CTD is already talking to advertisers about forging marketing partnerships for the new show, as well as the one-minute interstitials.

“Blah Girls” launched last fall as the first Web project to emerge from Katalyst’s interactive arm, Katalyst Media.

Kutcher called the “Blah Girls” initiative a sign of “Katalyst’s intent to further develop social content with an eye toward cross-platform reach.”