Homicidal “Family Guy” toddler Stewie is bringing his wicked ways to the iPhone.

Fox Mobile Entertainment has launched its first-ever commercial application, a “Family Guy”-themed app for the iPhone.

The “Freakin’ Sweet Family Guy” app will include up to 20 show clips, as well as the ability for users to build their own video mix. A link will also allow users to directly purchase full-length “Family Guy” episodes from iTunes.

Other features include the “Peter Toss,” in which “Family Guy” patriarch Peter Griffin is tossed around various backgrounds — triggering various soundbites. And “Stewie Pin-Up” allows users to swap body parts to create a different character.

Clips will be accessed via four video channels — “Best of Stewie,” “Brian’s World,” “Peter’s Life Lessons” and “The World According to Chris.” Each channel has five “Family Guy” clips.

Pre-roll video advertising is included on the app, which costs $1.99. Rhythm NewMedia helped Fox Mobile create the “Family Guy” app, which utilizes Apple’s 3.0 OS for the iPhone.