Disney plans to get scary with Guillermo del Toro.

At the first D23 fan confab in Anaheim on Friday, Mouse House unveiled plans for the helmer to launch toon label Double Dare You that will produce darker animated films meant to thrill audiences.

Move can be viewed as yet another way for Disney to try to lure males to the company’s projects and pairs up with its recent takeover of Marvel.

Del Toro will produce all the pics the new label makes and also step in to direct several of the titles.

“As a director, I love to take audiences into fantastic new worlds and provide them with some anxious moments in the process,” del Toro said. “It is part of the Disney canon to create thrilling, unforgettable moments and villains in all their classic films.”

First pic will be “Trollhunters,” based on an original story from the helmer. The pics will all be tied together by “one feature that shall remain secret, but that you shall soon be very familiar with,” del Toro said in a video played at the convention.

Walt Disney chairman Dick Cook said del Toro’s “appreciation for Disney films” and his ability to create fantasy worlds presented an opportunity for the company to “explore a whole new genre of filmmaking.”