Barco, Christie to make 4k projectors

Cinemark gets exclusive rights to Barco

In the wake of Texas Instruments’ announcement that it would provide a super-high-resolution 4K version of the DLP chip that powers digital-cinema projectors, Barco and Christie Digital have announced they will bring 4K DLP projectors to market.

Barco announced it will be exclusive provider of 4K projectors for the Cinemark chain. Cinemark has also pacted to use the Doremi media server.

Cinemark is part of the Digital Cinema Implementation Partners. Company said the initial agreement covers 3,000 screens at 300 U.S. locations and includes plans for Cinemark’s Latin American locations, so it could comprise another 1,600 screens.

The announcement did not set a timetable for Barco to bring its 4K projectors to market or for Cinemark to deploy them.

Christie Digital announced a line of five projectors — two 4K and the others “4K-ready.” All are skedded for market in the second half of 2010. The 4K projectors work for screens up to 100 feet. Company did not announce any exhibitor pacts.

4K has four times as many pixels as the current 2K d-cinema standard. 2K has only slightly more resolution than full HDTV, while 35mm film stock has roughly 6K resolution.