Hollywood is adding to its marketing vocabulary at a rapid clip. Here are some of the terms describing new concepts and technologies now used in the promotion of movies and TV shows.

ARG (alternate reality game): Players access them via multiple methods —

including cell phones, email and websites — to interact with a storyline that’s influenced by their choices. Studios and TV networks have created them for movies and TV shows like “The Dark Knight” and “Lost.”

Avatar: A computerized representation of an individual controlled in an online world like Second Life; on a game like City of Heroes; on a gaming console like Nintendo’s Wii or Microsoft’s Xbox 360; or on an online community like Sony’s PlayStation Home.

Digg: A website that lets users vote on their favorite articles, blog entries or photos found online.

Digital MSO: Like a traditional multiple system operator in the cable TV biz, but one that owns several websites that serve as a platform for programming; includes AOL, Yahoo and IGN, among others.

Mobisode: A series of video shorts watched on a cell phone or other handheld


RSS Feed: A family of Web-based formats used to regularly update content to blogs and other sites.

Twitter: A free social networking or blogging service that lets users send and read updates on other users’ sites. Uses mobile technology.

YouTube Channel: A channel of video, like a TV network of programming, on YouTube. Oprah Winfrey created one for her brand; studios have done the same for pics, while Sony launched one for PlayStation videogames.

Webisode: Installment of a Web series that’s viewed online.

Widget: A program created by a third party that is embedded into a website or users’ desktops and regularly updates itself. Used to advertise new products.