The New York Times’ Jennifer Steinhauer writes that Gov, Arnold Schwarzenegger “seems cured of his desire to be in public office,” judging by the way that he reacted when she asked him whether he was considering running for the U.S. Senate.

“I’m not going to do that, No!” he tells her.

Schwarzenegger plans to take up environmental causes and electoral reform, and perhaps even body building and acting, when he leaves office, she writes, but much of his time has been taken up dealing with the state budget crisis.

In fact, Schwarzenegger has been working the phones to round up Hollywood money to support the six propositions on the May 19 ballot designed to alleviate the budget process — but the polls don’t look so good for passage. Underlying all of this is that should the propositions fail, they could stymie the governor’s efforts in areas such as health care reform — leaving a part of his legacy in doubt.

Among those who have contributed to Schwarzenegger’s efforts: The Walt Disney Co., which chipped in $250,000; Universal Studios, which donated $250,000; Paramount with $50,000; Jerry Bruckheimer, $10,000; and Jerry Perenchio, $1.5 million. Netflix founder Reed Hastings chipped in $251,491 in a non-monetary contribution — the exact nature of which was not reported.

Not mentioned: Schwarzenegger’s suggestion the state study whether to legalize marijuana for recreational use.