There will be a candlelight vigil in Santa Monica tonight to mark the detention of Laura Ling and Euna Lee, the Current TV reporters arrested in North Korea and scheduled to go on trail on Thursday.

Ling’s sister, Lisa, will speak, along with Judy Chu and Tia Carerre.

Ling and Lee were arrested in March on the border of China and North Korea while shooting video in the region. They have been charged with illegal entry into the country and “hostile acts.”

Lisa Ling, a TV personality who has appeared on “The View,” told NBC’s Today on Tuesday, “When they left the United States, there was no intention of crossing the border into North Korea. If at any point they may have, we the families apologize on their behalf.”

The vigil will be held at Wokano at Fitth Street and Santa Monica Blvd.

There’s also an online petition calling for the release of the journalists. A facebook page includes excerpts from a letter from Laura Ling. Their families fear that their detention will become a bargaining chip as North Korea faces pressure to end its nuclear ambitions.