Steele on Sykes

RNC chairman Michael Steele said he had a sense of humor about President Obama’s riffs, and said of Wanda Sykes’ biting jokes,
“That’s Wanda.”

“I thought it was lot of fun. I enjoyed it a lot,” Steele said of the evening.

He said the president “was really cool tonight.”

“Wanda Sykes is Wanda Sykes. She is unto herself. I think she will be in the news cycle for the next three or four days.”

But he also hinted to other reporters that there may be some kind of “news” or response in the next few days.”

Moreover, “I think Rush will have a few things to say in the coming days.”

His opinion? “Some of it was a little up on the edge. But it is always and interesting thing when Hollywood and New York come here.” In other words, he said, D.C. isn’t quite accustomed to humor from the coasts.

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