The state Supreme Court ruling is a big disappointment for supporters of same-sex marriage, but leaders of the movement are turning their attention to the inevitable question of, where to from here?

Results of polling are expected to be released — perhaps as early as this weekend — that will show how much support gay marriage has in the state. That is being looked upon as an indicator of whether to pursue a ballot initiative in 2010 or 2012, something that has been the source of much disagreement, and there’s considerable pressure among younger activists to get a proposition as soon as possible.

Protests will be held around the state — and in other cities across the country — starting this evening. No one knows how many people will show up or whether the anger will remain at the fever pitch it was post election. That’s when demonstrations continued around the streets of West Hollywood and Beverly Hills over several nights. Coincidentally, President Obama appears at a fund-raiser at the Beverly Hilton tomorrow, a fact that surely has not been lost on authorities. 

The court made a split decision — upholding Prop 8 and the existing 18,000 marriages that were performed last year. That’s in line with what was expected following oral arguments. To those who were married, it may be of some comfort, although in my own mind it’s hard not to feel like an asterisk.

The Courage Campaign is launching an ad, below, that will begin airing on stations across the state of California over the next 72 hours.