57772599 Just as President Obama has launched an aggressive push for health care reform, and as Democrats are scrambling to come up for ways to pay for it, a new voice was added to the many on Capitol Hill calling for action: Edie Falco.

The star of the Showtime series “Nurse Jackie” and HBO’s “The Sopranos” appeared at a rally and met with lawmakers on behalf of Health Care for America Now!, an advocacy org of more than 1,000 organizations pushing for affordable coverage. The group also supports the contentious plan for the public plan option, which would compete with private insurers.

“I can’t imagine anything possibly being wrong with a public option,” Falco said by phone, adding that it will ultimately will help drive down costs with the competition it poses to private insurers.

Nevertheless, she was admittedly reluctant to get into a whole lot of details. “There are a lot of people here who are better to speak on these things.”

Falco is one of many celebrities who have been on the Hill since the start of Obama’s administration, as advocacy orgs seek to draw attention to their cause.

“I have no misconceptions as to why I am invited to these things. I fully understand that. Anyway I can help I am.”

Falco survived breast cancer, and she said that she was “exceedingly grateful for all the treatment I have gotten.” “But what if I wasn’t working enough for the SAG plan and couldn’t afford to be covered? There are other women with breast cancer whose coverage may not be as good.”

Although she had a packed schedule, it had yet to include winning over opponents of the public option. “I haven’t really run face to face with people not supporting this plan. It doesn’t mean they are not there. It just means they are not talking to me.”

One of the more challenging parts of her day may have been going live on MSNBC to talk with Andrea Mitchell, only to be informed just minutes before that she would be asked about the breaking news that Farrah Fawcett had just died. Although unexpected, Falco handled the questions just fine.