No “Hillary, the Movie” Decision

From Washington:

The Supreme Court delayed a decision on whether the election-year documentary “Hillary, the Movie” should have been regulated by campaign finance law or if it was a protected form of free speech.

In an unusual move, the court will rehear arguments in the case on September 9.

The movie was relentless in its criticism of Hillary Clinton, and the case hinged on whether advertising for the movie constituted a form of political propaganda at a time when Clinton was seeking the Democratic presidential nomination.

The makers of the movie, Citizens United, led by David Bossie and based in Washington, has produced other documentaries, including a scathing one on Barack Obama, timed to the election season.

Although they do not share his political stripes, some documentary filmmakers fear that a decision in favor of federal regulators could limit their ability to market highly charged political films during an election season.

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