President Obama was merely the biggest star among a host of politicos who hit Los Angeles this week. There were senators everywhere you turned, holding fund raisers as Congress takes a break. Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet (D.Colo.) held a fund-raiser this evening in the Hollywood Hills, with John Valenti and Jeffrey Wright among the co-hosts, and Sen. Arlen Specter (D-Pa.) raised money at a noontime reception at the Beverly Hilton.

In fact, David Corn reports on his CQ Politics blog that, by the count of one source involved in raising money in L.A., eight senators have been in L.A., in what “may set a record for senatorial money-grubbing in a given week.”

Corn also compares the Obama visit to those of Bill Clinton, who seemed like he was a regular Westside fixture when he was president.

Obama, by the way, worked the rope line after his speech before the big reception at the Beverly Hilton, something that he doesn’t often do anymore and perhaps signalling the comfort he had with the crowd.