SANY0124 Updated

Some 5,000 people listened to civil rights advocates, celebrities and ordinary folk in Fresno on Saturday for Meet in the Middle — a pro-same-sex marriage rally intended to not just be a halfway point for Bay Area and L.A. crowds, but a new effort to make the case for gay nuptials outside liberal population centers.

I’ll have more to say in a future post, but I wanted to present our first W&W video report, followed by the full interviews I did with some of the participants, including Dustin Lance Black, Eric McCormack, Lt. Dan Choi, Father Geoffrey Farrow and the woman who organized the event, Robin McGehee. The Fresno mother, who married her partner in advance of last fall’s election, was kicked off the PTA board at her son’s Catholic school because of her strong advocacy against Proposition 8. As you will see from the interview, McGehee expresses her disappointment with President Obama, and vows to take the idea of Meet in the Middle rallies to Washington and elsewhere.