That, and other news, in today’s (late-in-the-day) Roundup and Recap.

Vanity Fair examines at “PoliWood,” the doc directed by Barry Levinson the scrutinizes the mix of Hollywood and politics during last year’s election. Carrie Carlisle writes, “Midway through the documentary, after many scenes showing actors without makeup, traipsing to events and speaking candidly, and after a compelling criticism of the media’s power to give politicians a parallel life as stars, it was hard not to wonder whether it was just as dubious to turn anyone—men and women who act for a living, for instance—into special people.”

Newspaper Hearing: With the future of the Boston Globe in doubt, Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) will hold a subcommittee hearing on Wednesday on the future of journalism. Among those testifying: Arianna Huffington and David Simon from “The Wire.”

Wonderful Wanda: Veteran David Letterman scribe praises Wanda Sykes as emcee of this weekend’s White House Correspondents’ dinner because the press corps needs “somebody to yell at em.”

Gregory Dream Guest: It’s Oprah.