A few weeks ago, I attended a screening of a segment from a pilot called “Homeless Real World,” chronicling the lives of several men and women on streets of Denver. The surprise to me was that the footage I saw was neither exploitive or pitiful, but actually presents the lives of the six they follow in the same serial fashion that the famed MTV series does. I was intrigued that someone had taken on a project that focused on lives that most of the political system would rather ignore — as well as demographically obsessed networks.

The series was originally done for Mania TV, but was dropped when it was deemed too edgy. So the four original producers — Richard Ayoub, Del Bigtree, Darwyn Metzger and Randal Kirk — pooled their cash and purchased the rights.

Melissa Grego of our sister publication Broadcasting & Cable recently wrote up the backstory of the project, culled from 160 hours of footage, as obtained this clip.

Homeless Real World (sizzle reel) from Broadcasting & Cable on Vimeo.